The Importance of being at Third Place in FIFA World Cup 2014

As a Football fan, you should be know what is the actual importance and need of being at the third place if the semi finalist are not able to make through the Final in the case, so, check out below for my consideration for the importance of being at the third place in fifa world cup 2014.

Importance of third place in FIFA World Cup 2014

The first reason,I will be considering in this list is obvious, to be at no. 3 place in FIFA ranking of football. The loosers of semi final tries thier best to be at the third position if they could not make though the finals to be said as the world’s top 3rd best football team.
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The second reason, why a team would like to be at the place, can be said as, to get the huge prize. The third place holder obviously gets better than that of the fourth place holder. So, the money is everything in football even So, who will not want huge moneys ???
The third reason, I am considering is not actually a good reason, but still its a good chance to let them show off the best of their potential as still FIFA fever is at fire and billions of the people are watching fifa even this match is, ofcourse, of no mean now. Still the chance of becoming hero by hitting maximum goals lies there in the mind of the players of 3rd place match.
That’s it in my list of the importance of being at Third Place in FIFA World Cup 2014.
If you have some consideration in this regard. then leave a comment below.